A compound of organic molecules that neutralizes strong odors in agriculture, sewage treatment, medical / bodily fluids, waste management, etc.

Sanosorb permanently encapsulates odors instead of masking them, by forming strong chemical bonds with odor molecules, permanently absorbing them in liquid phase. Sanosorb is water-soluble, quick acting and not harmful to health.

Active Ingredients:
Zinc diricinoleate: 1.5 – 3%
Rest: Aquaeous solution

Suitable Application:
Suited for organic-based odours such as those released during decomposition, including the ff:
– Isovaleric acid / butyric acid – body fluids, cheese rind, rotting meat / carcasses
– Methylamines / cadaverines
– Indole compounds / skatole – fecal / manure odors
– Ammonia – caustic odors from urine / latrines
– Mercaptans / thiolcohols – decayed / rotting materials, cooking gas, putrefaction smells
– Thiother / dimethyl sulphide DMS / Allicin – garlic, perspiration
– Hydrogen sulphide – rotten eggs, etc.

Maybe applied to textiles, mattresses or upholstery.